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Thurrock Taxis drivers against Uber

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  • Thurrock Taxis drivers against Uber

    The Thurrock Taxi Drivers Association (TTDA) whilst the motion was going through in the chamber at Thurrock Council moved to seek legal opinion clarification from a top barrister on whether or not Uber are operating unlawfully in Thurrock. We chose Gerald Gourier QC as the barrister to conduct the report, as he has represented both the LTDA against Uber and the Knowsley Judicial Review on Uber’s side.  Therefore we consider Mr Gourier QC to have not only a decent knowledge about licensing but an unbiased and independent view.  The simple question we put to Gerald Gourier QC was if Uber were operating illegally in Thurrock. The response we received very quickly from Gerald Gourier QC and the opinion report clearly indicates as to why Uber are operating unlawfully in the Thurrock area. The TTDA firstly submitted this opinion to top-level management at Thurrock Council on Friday 30th November 2018, the day in which we received the report from Gerald Gourier QC.  Since then Thurrock Council have told the TTDA that they are thankful for the report and are going to seek counsel opinion for themselves to compare against the report from Gerald Gourier QC.  We understand at this stage the [...]
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